Recommendations Matrix

TRC Public HearingsThe Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone jointly with the United Nations Integrated Office in Sierra Leone (UNIOSIL) in 2007 developed a Matrix of the status of implementation of the TRC recommendations.  The draft Matrix was prepared through inputs provided by the Government ministries and civil society. The First National Consultative Conference which was graced by civil society the government and international community held in November 2007 validated the Matrix.  A communiqué issued by the Conference recommended the Government to take the lead in formulating a comprehensive implementing strategy in collaboration with international and local partners and urgently commence the implementation of the Reparations Programme.

In October 2010, the Human Rights Commission and the United Nations Integrated Peace-building Office in Sierra Leone (UNIPSIL) jointly organized the Second National Consultative Conference which was represented by a cross section of Sierra Leone society and international community. The Conference extensively reviewed the 2007 Matrix and deliberated on the progress made so far and the remaining challenges. After the Conference, the Human Rights Commission requested in writing to all the relevant Government Ministries and agencies responsible for the implementation of the TRC recommendations to provide inputs for the revision of the Matrix. In addition, the Human Rights Commission assisted by UNIPSIL physically visited various agencies in person and collected the necessary information. However there are still gaps in the Matrix which was due to difficulty in receiving relevant information from some of the Ministries. The Conference was an opportunity for the relevant actors to highlight the challenges in implementing the recommendations but very few government representatives participated in the Conference, in particular, absence of crucial government ministries was seriously felt.

Status of the Implementation and remaining challenges – a synopsis of the Matrix

The TRC advanced recommendations at four levels namely:" imperative, work toward, serious consideration and calls on".
Recommendations Framework
The Matrix analyses the implementation status on the following areas in line with the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
  1. Protection of human rights and Rule of Law
  2. Promoting Good Governance, fighting corruption and Mineral resources
  3. Women, Children and Youths
  4. Reparations
  5. Follow up mechanism 
See the document "Background Document on the Revised Recommendations Matrix" for an overview of the Recommendations Matrix. The interactive Recommendations Matrix [download pdf version] provides a detailed analysis of the state of the implementation of the TRC's recommendations under the categories mentioned above.

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